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If you feel strongly about our message - let people know about it. E-Mail a "letter to the editor". Here is a list of local newspapers that you can write to. Let them know why you are supporting Kenneth Cody the true Independent Candidate for our 12th district and America!

Home News & Tribune

Star Ledger

Times of Trenton

Make sure that you send them your name and contact information. Without it they may not print your editorial.

We have limited official bumper stickers available. If you put it on your bumper - we'll send you one! Just contact us by e-mail at

Download "Honesty - Integrity - Not A Career Politician - Vote Ken Cody On November 4th - pdf"

Download "Support Kenneth Cody For Congress In 2014"

Download "The New Face of Politics (2010 campaign)"

Download "Eco-Friendly Free Bumper Sticker"

For best results for Bumper Sticker: Click on image, Go to your tool bar and select File, Print, Preferences, in Layout choose Landscape, click OK, then select Print. (Make sure image is open completely before printing) Get some tape and before you know it - a free bumper sticker!

These are OFFICIAL campaign images & flyers. Any other circulated material HAS NOT been approved or endorsed by candidate Cody and his campaign.