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Updated 11/2/2020

Truth, Vision & Hope In 2020!

I am so grateful for all who signed my petition. Out of all the elections that I have been in this was the most signatures I have ever received. We will be on the ballot November 3, 2020! My candidacy goes under the slogan "Truth, Vision, Hope". Those three words have powerful meanings. I will give the voters the truth and vision about my ideas for the future of our district and country. When you tell the truth and have a vision you can always have hope for now and the future. Truth Vision Hope for all in the 12th District! I want to bring that spirit to Washington. As an independent I will not be labeled by any party and will fight for the people of my district and give my best effort to help move our country in the right direction. This is an important election with many issues that affect New Jersey and our nation. My focus is on supporting legislation for Ending Regime Change Wars, Medicare For All and Campaign Finance Reform. We need to end unnecessary wars that cost lives and trillions of dollars each year. We need Medicare For All to cover every American and we need to end the unnecessary, overabundance of money in contributions and Political Action Committees that go to campaigns. It is time to get money out of politics! (see the "Issues" link for more information and viewpoints) I want to work with all political parties to end the divide in our nation. Help us! Support our campaign (not with money) spread our message of Truth, Vision and Hope!

Ken Talks With Hard Lens Media About The 2020 Campaign

Why Ken Cody Will Not Accept Contributions...

An abundant amount of cash is spent on campaigning. Money Spent on Campaign for - Website, Video, Mailbox, Business Cards, Address Labels, Postage, Mailings, Bumper Stickers, Lawn Signs! Did you know that congressional candidates spent over $5.7 billion dollars during the 2018 midterms? I believe that a candidate's message should win votes not money spent on advertising. That is why I will not be accepting contributions. I also think that the people of the 12th District are hard workers and should spend money on themselves and their families. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have extra cash in this economy - give it to a charity or put in back into our economy but do not spend it on a candidate. This campaign intends to use "economical resources" in getting our message out. Some examples of low cost is our website. It is not fancy by any stretch but it can get our message out. Any flyer, bumper sticker or sign made will also be at low cost. The voice of a candidate should win elections - not money. The "Money Spent" ticker to the right is what our campaign costs to run. If you want to see what the other candidates in this race are spending, click here (Open In another race in 2018 one candidate in Georgia raised over $30 million dollars … for a Congressional seat!'s website is truly an eye-opener and will leave you speechless. If elected I will support strict campaign finance reform. It will create fair elections and cut the wasteful spending that goes along with politics.

End Regime Changing Wars

I'll work for the people, not a political party


I am an independent candidate running for Congress in New Jersey’s 12th District. Many Democrats and Republicans initially intend to do what is right and work for the people they represent. However, partisan politics and pressure eventually win out. What happens next is a bitter divide that runs deep, involving members of Congress and the president. It is one of the many reasons that Congress has only a 14 percent approval rating, based on recent polls.

My goal as a congressman is to bridge the gap between political parties so we can work with each other for the people of my district and our country. I want to see strict campaign finance reform and put an end to wasteful campaign spending. I fund my own campaign and do not accept any monetary contributions.

When I ran for Congress in 2010, my opponents raised more than $4 million. Instead of candidates asking you for money, they should be working together to solve the issues that our country is facing. I believe that campaign contributions should go to organizations that help find cures for diseases, support stem-cell research or educational programs. Let the fund-raising help society and have politicians do their job by finding ways to make our nation strong.

It is time to restore Congress with “Truth, Vision and Hope.”

Candidates Forum!

On October 20th I was invited to speak at the West Windsor Congressional forum. Each candidate spoke for five minutes explaining why they have decided to run for Congress and what they will do if they are elected. In the video I talk about campaign finance reform, bipartisanship, clean energy and small business. It was an exciting experience to be part of and it was great to meet all of the candidates.

Ken Cody Meets With Comcast!

Independent candidate Kenneth Cody who is running for the Congressional seat in New Jersey's 12th district was interviewed by Jill Horner of Comcast. This interview was done in mid-September in Trenton. The program is called "Candidates On Demand" and it profiles local candidates running for office during the 2012 campaign. Comcast has not contacted me about the upcoming 2014 election so I decided to keep this video up and running on my website because my political views have not changed. It was a great experience and I wanted to thank Comcast personally for allowing me to talk about my candidacy. It was another way to get my message across to the voters without wasting money. I believe venues like this, facebook, twitter and door-to-door campaigning are free ways of keeping the citizens informed. I strongly believe that we need to end the influence and power of money in politics and will not accept any monetary contributions for the upcoming election. To see my 2010 interview with Jill Horner please click here. - 2010 Comcast On Demand Interview

Concerned Over the Issues?

Picture of a voter concernedpicture of a corncerned voter Look at this poor man on the left - all twisted up like a pretzel - worried about America. The woman on the right is concerned what the future brings. All across the country many voters feel this way. Are YOU Worried about the issues that affect us? Depressed over the economy and health care? Do the issues tie you in a knot? Upset with all the spending that goes on in campaigning? Want more information? Please read the Ken Cody for Congress Issues Page.

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