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I strongly believe that it is time that the members of Congress (and Senate) need to put party affiliation aside and work closely with each other. We have an unpredictable economy and a major divide when it comes to our current health care. We need to iron out our differences between each other (Republicans, Democrats & Third Parties) to come up with efficient legislation that can benefit all Americans. As an Independent candidate I am eager to work with all parties (with no hidden agendas, no favoritism) to help make America the best it could be. We are Americans first - not political party labels.


Too much is being spent - period. Contributions (mostly from corporations and special interests), Donations even a candidates own self-funding have reached extreme highs. My message is to SAVE YOUR MONEY. That is why I will not accept any contributions toward this campaign. You work hard to earn your money. Spend it on your family, friends or put it into our economy. If you are fortunate and have the luxury of extra cash - give your extra dollars to a charity that you care about. I believe that the word of a politician is more important than the amount of money he or she can raise or uses. There are plenty of ways to spread your message without high costs. If you agree with me and want to contribute to this campaign - don't send money just spread the word of this campaign to others. It is free!


I will vote for any legislation that will help our economy grow. Stimulus checks are nice but only are a temporary fix to a never ending issue. Most importantly, we need to support our local businesses and make the "Made in the U.S.A." label thrive again. Let's focus on building more small businesses and believe in them so they can become "Big Business". Buying American products is a start so we can rebuild our economy, keep our jobs here and help our unemployed find solid long lasting employment.


I believe that we can all do our part in conserving energy. On the small scale it can start by using compact fluorescent light bulbs which use less power and will save cash in the long run. On the bigger scale it would be a good idea to rely less on oil. As a homeowner I know what oil heat can cost and also filling up a gas tank. The future will be exciting to see what technology has to offer to help us reduce energy costs. Right now I would like to sponsor a bill called "The 4 for 40 Family Plan" (listed below) can possibly help to reduce some costs in the workplace. I would also support the Pickens Plan. It has very inventive ideas and will improve energy costs, our environment and create jobs.


We need to raise awareness to the public on how we can make the earth a better place to live in. Here is a list of what we can do everyday to support our environment - The link is 50 Ways To Help Our Environment Also I believe that we should put more funding towards environmental projects. If we do our share every day it can only help and make for a bright future. We need that for our children.


Time is valuable. Quality time with your family and friends is too. That is why I would like to introduce the 4 for 40 Ė Family Plan. When elected I would sponsor a bill that would give the option for most employees to work forty hours in four days. This would give the worker three days off during the week. It is a win-win situation. On one hand this would give the employee more options at their workplace while the employer might be able to save money on energy and operational costs. Many people in our country work long hours everyday and some put in over forty hours each week and do not even get compensated. This is not to say that a job cannot be fun, I too enjoy what I do, but why not free up time for ourselves. It will make life a little easier and we can spend it with loved ones or use it any way that we choose.


While I do support the reforms set by the Affordable Care Act there are two concerns that need to be addressed. It is estimated by the year 2025 we will have a shortage of over fifty thousand primary care physicians due to growth in our nationís aging population. This will leave many Americans without access to doctors and physicians. To help, medical schools need to increase enrollment while making it affordable to students. Another concern is the lack of protection on rising premiums. The Affordable Care Act does not offer any provision against price gouging. Some states are enforcing those provisions while others do not. I would support a nationwide limit on premiums which can be reviewed yearly so that we avoid enormous payments. For our part we need to teach our children to make healthy lifestyle choices at an early age through adulthood. I believe if we put our minds together with all parties involved we can have effective results. I completed a survey about health issues here:


I will support legislation that will bolster our security within our borders. The first step to in stopping the war on terror is protecting our country. We need to increase our security and use the most efficient technology to keep America safe. As citizens it is our duty to report anything we think is suspicious to the authorities. Together we will keep America free.


I am proud of our military and the effort they put into protecting our country. Throughout the world we have soldiers defending our freedom every minute of every day putting their lives on the line. In certain circumstances we are at a time where governments need to take responsibilities for their own countries. Afghanistan is one of them. It is time for a full withdrawal of our troops and bring them home. Every moment we should be grateful for every man and woman who sacrificed their lives in the past and who also are currently serving.


The main goal of this campaign is to send a message to our leaders. The most powerful words that describe this movement are truth, vision, and hope. The TRUTH is that we need to put aside party-line-loyalty and put our heads together. Letís stop the bickering in all branches of government and work to solve issues that affect all Americans. I think we can work harder to pass legislation that can satisfy all members of Congress and most importantly the entire nation. Sacrifices by both Democrats and Republicans in the time of need is NOT giving up what you believe in, it is PATRIOTIC if it benefits us all. When you have TRUTH you have VISION of what our leaders need to do and that leads to HOPE of what the future can bring.